Thursday, August 11, 2011

Brambles and Rambles

I have yet to take any photos of my soaps, so please forgive the primitive design of my blog as this will be my very first post!

I plan on making some new Fall/ Winter scents this weekend, in addition to the staples that I offer now. I will be making a ButterCream & Snickerdoodle that is just to DIE FOR! I have to bake cookies while I am making it because that it what it smells like... wonderful, gooey, over-fresh cookies! I instantly start craving them the moment I open the bottle! In addition to the BC&S, I am blending a very scandalous Dark Rich Chocolate and Peppermint! I got these fragrance oils and essential oils from Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies. They have the highest quality ingredients and the best customer service around.

I also make soaps to give to two local woman's shelters for abused women and children. Right now I have 144 bars curing of another BB scent. Sage and Lemongrass done in a yellow with green swirl. I hope that the little soaps bring even a moments joy to deserving women.

OK... you have had the "Rambles"... now for the "Brambles".
 Bramble Berry Soap Making Supplies is hosting another S.O.A.P. Panel to test out some new fragrances for the Fall/ Winter line. I hereby place my name in the hat for this wonderful chance.
  IF I am chosen I plan to use the scents in my donation soaps to the woman's shelters. I know that this would make a difference in their everyday lives. Plus I just LOVE playing with new scents! IF I am chosen, I promise to use the powers given to me responsibly and wisely:)

Even if I am not chosen for the S.O.A.P. Panel, I have had many wonderful batches of soap using scents and supplies from Bramble Berry and will continue to be a loyal customer for many years to come!


  1. Aww, you're so sweet, Amanda! I'll bet the woman and children at the shelters that you donate to are so appreciative of you! I'm glad that you're interested in being on our Panel =)

  2. Thank you Anne-Marie! Alcohol and violence touched my life as a child and I learned that a small kindness goes and extraordinarily long way. My hopes are that my small contribution helps take a worry away, if only for the length of a bath. I have followed you for a while now and consider you an excellent example. Blessings you you and your darling Little Man.