Friday, August 19, 2011

My New Etsy! (and a shipment or 2!)

Today I opened my Etsy shop with 3 of my soaps, PearBerry, Delicate Rose and Egyptian Beauty. I am so excited about it! I find myself constantly checking and re-checking the page stats, spelling, wording and everything else. I think that I am obsessing way too much over this!

I also found a new shop today, don't you just love that! ;)

I have been searching for a supplier closer to me than the ones that I use. There are times that I need something a little faster and just can't wait a week or pay double in shipping to get it sooner. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE and ADORE my favorite suppliers, but there are times that the sooner the better (like a big order or a highly time sensitive one).

If you find yourself wanting to check out a new supplier, I would recommend ES Premium Products . I placed an order this morning and within 2 hours I had a shipping confirmation in my e-mail. They seem to be fast and reliable. I will post further when the package arrives. OH! They offer free shipping on a lot of items, like melt and pour bases and molds :)

I also got a confirmation from Courtney at Bramble Berry about the Fall S.O.A.P testing! My fragrances are out on the Fed/Ex truck and heading my way from Bellingham, WA! They should be here in a week and then the fun begins! The smelling, the testing, the surveys and finally learning which ones made the cut! September is going to be great!

I hope that you all will com along on my journey with me!
Blessings and Good Night,


  1. Congrats on 2 things...your new Etsy shop...and getting on the SOAP panel! I'm on it too. We're going to have a blast. Good luck with sales ;-)

  2. Thanks T.A. and Congrats to you too! We are gonna have to exchange e-mail addresses so that we can talk and exchange notes for the Fall SOAP Panel! AND with you being in Mobile, I am only 2 hours away near Panama City. I have family in Mobile :)I love your blog too, very neat and it really catches the eye and draws you in. I plan on soaps, of course, and some bath fizzies and scrubs... I can't wait!