Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Our $12 Day :)

Today My Abbie and I went to Panama City (Florida) for a check up at my doctor's office. We got up and hurried to get ready and got into the Jeep and left. We get to Panama where I realize that I have forgotten my debit card at home and only had $12 left in my wallet... not the start that we were wanting as we were planning on going to the Mall after.

After the doctor's appointment, we decided that we would go to the Mall ad just window shop and hang out. We went into various stores and finally to the requisite visit to Bath and Body Works (we can NEVER go to the mall without a stop there). We were walking around and sniffing all the wonderful things there when I found the cutest little scent clip for my Jeep! It is the most adorable little fox holding a scent disc in Autumn Apple... very crisp and PERFECT for Fall! Only $6! (and refillable!)

Isn't this the most adorable thing? You can get your own here.

As we were walking around, the Food Court was drawing my attention and I just had to have Chic-Fil-A waffle fries, so a large was bought bringing our total spent to about $8. A Starbucks Frappucinno bottled drink was purchased by Abbie... total now about $10 (with tax, closer to $11).

After we left the Mall and on our way home, I spotted the Blood Mobile for Northwest Florida Blood Services I donate regularly so we thought we would pop in, but low and behold, they were just parked there, After that let down, we went to the main office since it was only about 1/4 mile away. I donated my blood and was gifted with a pretty neat t-shirt and a coupon for me and my Abbie a free smoothie at a shop called Crush. Having never been there, we did not know what to expect.

The shop was nice and we soon realized that it was a Nutrition center. Cool Neon decorations using reclaimed tin roofing and hula hoops. The server handed us each a little paper and a pen to add our name, phone number and e-mail addresses and choose what we wanted. Our first course consisted of a demitasse cup of Aloe Juice that tasted of Mangos! We were instructed to "just shoot it" and obliged... very tasty. The second course was a 16 ounce choice of hot or cold Green Tea in one of five flavors. I am not a tea person, so I skipped this one. Abbie, who likes tea, went with Raspberry flavor. Not good reviews from her (she politely carried it to the car later and disposed of it). For our final course (smoothie time!), our server gave us our choice of about 45 flavors of Meal Replacement Smoothies. (She said that they would keep you full for 3 hours and contained protien and other things) I chose the Chocolate Caramel Cappucinno and Abbie chose Frech Vanilla Cappucinno. That first sip was amazing! A little "chalky" texture, but the flavor was totally unexpected!

The servers there were excellent, service was fast and friendly. We were asked several times (especially after each course) if we were pleased and if we would return as paying clients. We both gave enthusiastic YESes! The atmosphere of the shop was intimate and inviting with a bar, tables and chairs and benches throughout.

For all three courses was a total of $6.50, but we were spared the cost for the "price" of my donation. Even at the $6.50, I consider that a great deal.

We then headed home and were talking about our day, the fact that we went to the mall and spent under $10 and the free smoothie experience when Abbie looks at me and says "Mom, it's amazing what you can do with $12!" I lust replied "$12 and a pound of blood." I still have a dollar in my back pocket and am just now getting hungry 6 hours later :)

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