Friday, August 26, 2011

My Journey Through S.O.A.P. Part 1

The Arrival
Today my Bramble Berry box arrived containing my S.O.A.P. scents. The moment that I opened it, a medley of scents filled the air! It smelled
heavenly and I could not wait to start. In fact, in preparation of the arrival today, I went ahead and measured out my lye water and oils and left them to cool to room temps so I could begin just as soon as the box came in! I just had to smell them all, but for purposes of testing, I am doing this in stages. I will be testing 2 scents at a time with notes and pics in CP soap. After the soaps are all tested, I will be testing other mediums (maybe scrubs and bath fizzies). Let the fun begin!

Part 1 : Scents #1 & #2
Scent 1 Description: Smells like a fruity bubblegum with light cinnamon notes. It is fresh and friendly. Smells like candy and I see kid's soaps with this one :)
Scent 2 Description: WONDERFUL! Smells like a really deep, clean water scent similar to Salty Mariner in a way, but with less of the salty scent, if that makes sense... a really nice men's scent. 
Method Used: Cold Process Soap, 26 oz batch, 1/2 batch Gel Phase, 1/2 batch, no Gel Phase
Recipe Used: 10.4 oz Olive Oil, 7.8 oz Coconut Oil, 6.5 oz Palm Oil, 1.3 oz Shea Butter, 3.6 oz Lye, 8 Fl oz Distilled Water and 1/2 oz Scent
All mixed and soaped at room temperature. Molded in re-usable containers from Mainstays (Wal-Mart).
Performance: I didn't notice any misbehavior in either of these scents. They blended nicely and did not accelerate trace for me. 
Color Notes Scent 1: For this scent, I decided to add Ultramarine Pink to 3/4 of the batch and Brick Red Oxide to the remaining 1/4. The pink turned out very light while the red was dark and beautiful. Scent did not seem to affect the coloring. After pouring the pink, I spooned the red and stirred and swirled with the spoon. 
Color Notes Scent 2: This being the one that reminded me of water, I used Ultramarine Blue on 1/4 batch and left the rest uncolored. The blue was nice and dark and the uncolored part was a nice egg cream color upon pouring. Same technique as above with the spoon.

To the right is  on half of the 26 oz batch of Scent #1 & #2 in my little mini fridge so there is no Gel Phase.
To the left is the other half getting ready to be nestled in to a nice comfy Gel with old towels that I use to insulate. I will unmold and cut tomorrow and post pics and my final notes on each of these two great scents.
Stay tuned for Part 2: Scents #3 & #4! 


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