Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Journey Through S.O.A.P. Part 2

I promised that I would show the pictures of the unmold of scents 1 and 2 for the Bramble Berry Fall S.O.A.P testing. Here they are. To the left is the Gelled Soaps and the right is the No Gel Phase soaps. You can't really tell by the pictures, but the NO GEL soaps absolutely did not want to release from the mold, even after freezing for a while. They remained soft and squishy but are trying to firm up after cutting. The gelled soaps on Scent 2 did go a tad bit darker than the non gelled, maybe due to the heat.
Notes on Scent: After unmolding, both scents 1 & 2 help up nice in both methods.
Part 2: Scent 3
I decided that tonight I would only soap one scent. 
Scent 3 Description: It has given us fits trying to describe the smell. I have all ages between 14 and 83 helping and we have all cone up with the same thing: Sugared Raspberries (or Berries in general). The 83 year old even said Cotton Candy :) A very nice scent that I think will carry well into a large line of products. (I think that my 83 year old Mother in Law is having as much fun as I am with this!)
Method Used: Cold Process Soap, 26 oz batch, 1/2 batch Gel Phase, 1/2 batch, no Gel Phase
Recipe Used: 10.4 oz Olive Oil, 7.8 oz Coconut Oil, 6.5 oz Palm Oil, 1.3 oz Shea Butter, 3.6 oz Lye, 8 Fl oz Distilled Water and 1/2 oz Scent
All mixed and soaped at room temperature. Molded in 9" Silicone Loaf Pans.

Performance: This scent did not accelerate trace at these temperatures and behaved rather nicely. I had plenty of time to do an in the pot swirl. No ricing or seizing noted.
Color Note: For this scent I used a Purple Mica. I tinted 1.5 cups of the soap and returned it into the pot and did a swirl and poured. Hopefully it will turn out :) For some reason, scents come through as colors to me and this one practically screamed PURPLE!

Here are pics of the soaps in the molds, No Gel in my mini fridge again and the Gelled getting tucked in with the trusty old towels.

Tomorrow I will cut and see how the scent and color holds up! I really like the purple swirls in this one. I hope that you have as much enjoyment reading and following me on this journey as I am having taking it!


  1. Love your descriptions and your testing notes. You are being so amazingly diligent. Thank you! =)

  2. Anne-Marie, Thank you for having me on the panel. me and my daughter are having a blast with it and bonding even closer than we already are! (Quite a rare thing with a teenager LOL) The hardest parts are describing the scents for others, you have a tremendous job on your hands with that and I do not envy you for it :)