Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Journey Through S.O.A.P Part 3

I have to start out with my round up of Scent #3: The scent does seem to diminish in both Gel CP and Non Gel CP, but help up better in the Gel. The color did the same. It went from a nice lavender to a very pale (almost invisible) lilac in the non gelled soap. I used a Lavender Ultramarine for it and colored it heavier than normal to really get a nice purpleish color.
The gelled soap soap has a much better texture and color than the non gelled one. I must admit, I never really forgo gelling. I am a huge fan of the Gel Phase and fee

l that it makes a better bar. I don't know that that white weirdness is, but it is disheartening for such a nice scent. NOTE: We have determined that it "migrated" a little in the finished product and now think that it resembles a grape scent... still nice though.
Part 3: Scent 7
I know that I skipped a few, but this is one of the ones that are not on my "Preferred List" so please bear with me.
Scent 7 Description: To me, this one shouted out "Potpourri". It had heavy "tree" notes and reminded all of us of Christmas Potpourri. Strong out of the bottle and in the mold as well.
Method Used: I did this one in 1 batch, Cold Process Gel Phase only.
Recipe Used: Same as the others. See full recipe here.
Performance/ Color Note: I did a 3 color funnel swirl on this one, due to the Christmas reminder. I used Titanium Dioxide, Seafoam Green Ultamarine and Brick Red Oxide alternating each color in the funnel and finally swirling with a skewer. The scent was added after the colors were poured and mixed into individual containers. It performed well and I made it through the pours without incident. I poured at light trace.
I am hoping that it turns out nice. I am pleased with the swirls on this one and am anxious to see what it looks like cut. Check back tomorrow for the reveal and a test of another of Bramble Berry's S.O.A.P test scents!

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